Welcome to a new site about organisational Openness

Hi there,

I’m just setting up this site as a place for a variety of related activities that I’m engaged in that relate to the notions of emergence and Openness.  Although these ideas have academic and theoretical underpinnings, their implications and potential impact on the organisational world are very practical indeed.

Like most ideas, the concepts of ’emergence’ and ‘Openness’ command large and growing literatures, and this site isn’t intended as any sort of central resource for these.  However, I’d like to bring together some of the exciting activities in which I’m involved in a systematic way that may shed some interesting light on a bigger picture in which many other researchers and practitioners are involved.

Over the coming few weeks I’ll be adding to the material here, and I hope that during 2012 the site may become a useful point of reference for others who may be confronting similar questions.


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