Introducing Component Trading: a new model for government

We invited several senior procurement professionals with experience working across the public sector to a breakfast briefing, where I outlined what I believe could be a useful way of thinking about public service design and delivery.

The main idea is that progressive dis-integration of traditional service silos within government into separate, interoperable components will allow people to ‘trade’ these in such a way as to obtain best value for money. ¬†Essentially, some components will be available very cheaply/free along the cloud model, some will be shared with other, similar organisations – and some will remain complicated and best retained in-house.

In turn, this means that peoples’ roles will become more aligned around delivering flexible, high-quality outcomes for citizens, whilst making best use of the available market – which will continue to evolve.

Of course, transitioning towards such a model will not be easy – and it will be important to think carefully about appropriate safeguards and governance structures to ensure that it is the public interest that prevails…

Presentation available here.

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