New Cambridge Open Standards & Innovation Group









This November a small group of us are launching a new research group located within Cambridge University’s Centre for Public Policy.  It’s called the Open Platforms and Innovation Group, and it’s very single minded: an exploration of the forthcoming deverticalisation of the UK.  Our aim is the development of an academic paper, and associated White Papers, that communicate the potentially jaw-dropping implications of open platforms for the UK economy in the future – if only we can grasp the nettle.

Here’s a preliminary go at the abstract:

Deverticalising the UK: Platforms, open innovation, and public policy


Recent technological developments are enabling many of the repetitive activities undertaken by organisations to be standardised, and separated into interoperable ‘building blocks’ that can be used across any sector of the economy.  Responding to ‘Open’ market dynamics, organisations across all sectors are starting to redefine their self-image: from managers of vertically integrated silos, to exploiters of horizontal platforms. We present compelling evidence that suggests that this ‘componentisation’ will come over time to have an unprecedented impact on British corporate structure, offering nationally significant opportunities for innovation and cost savings, as well as redefining the role of the state itself.  We discuss some of the initial challenges faced by organisations, including the state, in engaging with this seismic realignment.

Watch this space!

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